I just read the latest

I just read the latest article on the pointless and unnecessary intelligent design/ evolution debate. So, for the ten- thousandth time, let me state this as emphatically as I can:

Even if one were to find a videotape that were six billion years long, and it showed all life proceeding from non-living matter, and the organisms reacting to the environment in such a way as certain ones were favored and survived- and what survived occasionally mutated, and through its mutation it survived better and reproduced… and even if the video showed us a monkey coming down from the trees and gradually developing into a modern man through a whole series of gradual mutations…

In other words, if the whole evolutionary history were irrefutably verified in absolutely every detail- the following statements would still be true and demonstrable:

1.) God exists, and is the benevolent creator of all things.

2.) Man has a part of his person that cannot corrupt, and will exist forever, and

3.) this part was created by the direct action of God, and

4) Man can only find happiness in the knowledge and love of God.

If you are uncomfortable with the claim that the above are “true and demonstrable”, it is not essential to the point. All that is essential to the point is seeing that said video would not affect our ability to demonstrate things one way or another. The videotape would also not affect our knowledge of sciences other than Natural Theology. For example, the video would not change the truth or falsity statements like

1.) squares have two diagonals

2.) The earth moves

3.) I like jam

It wouldn’t even affect a statement like “the Earth is at the center of the universe” since biology has nothing to say about the motion of a planet one way or another. So for the ten thousandth time:

Natural theology exists independently of biology an natural history, just like calculus and basketweaving and Ptolemaic Astronomy and Grammar and your feelings about who should have won the Superbowl IX. If you want to affirm or deny a metaphysical claim, YOU NEED METAPHYSICS!



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