Wedding Videos The father of

Wedding Videos

The father of the bride (and others who are in certain ways like him) often have a thousand yard, tired, I-know- something- that- I’m-not- saying- stare at weddings. What is it?

(pick one or more)

1.) These men, like all men, feel awkward at weddings, since weddings are girl parties that men are forced to attend. Wedding receptions are as feminine as Dionysian baccanals or bridal showers. The old guy is more aware of this, and tries to keep quiet.

2.) The man is relating to the whole event in terms of “how much it is costing”. This depresses him, but he is not about to bring it up.

3.) The older married guy knows that the couple is woefully ignorant about marriage, and his many years of dealing with kids has told him that he should just keep his mouth shut about what is coming up.

4.) The married guy sees in this marriage his own marriage, and he recalls all his original hopes, but sees them in light of all his failures.

5.) The older married guy doen’t really think that anyone is good enough to be with his little girl, and so he is depressed that someone is with her.

6.) He is acting that way in order to counter-balance the emotions of his wife, who like all the women at weddings, is an ecstatic basket case.

7.) The wedding overwhelms him, and men respond to being overwhelmed by retreating into themselves.

8.) He is trying to teach by example, since he knows the groom is watching him. The lesson is something like “the next time your wife wants to do something like this, put this look on”

9.) The man is exhausted, and simply looks exhausted. His attempt to look wise is a mere pretence.


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