Brief Conversation at Church Rummage

Brief Conversation at Church Rummage Sale, Ten Years From Now

(scene: a large, fold out table topped with cardboard boxes. A sign taped on the front of the table reads “books” in Large, sharpie-written letters. Two very educated- looking types are browsing through the titles)

“Hey, The Da Vinci Code. Is this about Da Vinci?”

“I dunno. Read the Back.”

“Hey, I think I… was this that…” (dull flicker of awareness; instantly fades)

(short, uninterested pause) “That what?”

“I don’t know… (looks at the price) twenty cents… I don’t know… Nah. (drops the book in the cardboard box indifferently) Are you going to get that little statue?”

“Yeah, I think I’ll put it on my dashboard”


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