On Nostalgia Daily life is

On Nostalgia

Daily life is ruined by trifles. The sort of things that usually ruin our day are things which won’t be remembered in three days. Perhaps we won’t even remember them in the morning. Think hard about a “bad day” you had over a week ago. Chances are you can’t even remember it. If you do remember such a day, go back another week, and try to remember why the day you had that day was bad. Chances are that you can’t even remember two weeks past in terms of “good days” and “bad days”.

The little things that ruin days are forgotten. The day was probably not ruined anyway. “I made an ass of myself in front of _____”, “I totally screwed up______”, “I can’t stand it when he does _______”

In all likelihood, the guy you thought you made an ass out of yourself in front of never thought you were doing anything terribly wrong, and no one cared that you screwed up______, and you don’t really care that some guy did _____, you just bring it up to have a story to tell.

trifles are the stuff of a day; they have their hour, and are forgotten. But because we forget them, we can sometimes be inclined to see the past as better than the present. The present always has its trifles, but the past has only forgotten ones. Many people would prefer to live in the past: as they remember it. Things are always getting worse: compared to the time we have forgotten.

It is possible to do the opposite, of course; because we can’t remember the past, we think the present is better. The principle is the same as nostalgia (and just as fallacious) but the conclusion is contrary. Progressivism is as irrational as nostalgia. Beware any general trends you think you see in history.

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