The Locus of Refutation No

The Locus of Refutation

No philosophy since Descartes (and some earlier ones) has been able to give an account for the principle of contradiction, and if they could they could not account for its primacy: i.e. how it is the first thing known. The Principle of contradiction requires the concept of being as such. Being is, and cannot not be (some add, “at the same time and in the same respect”). We must say thet “being” or “thing-ness” or “quod quid est” or even “stuff” is primary to our intellect.

Most modern philosophies fail because thay think man has no access to being as such. They take some part of being, and treat it in isolation. Ask any modern philosopher how he articulates the principle of contradiction. He won’t be able to answer. You will get many long- winded sermons about subjectivity, intuitions, sensation, possible worlds, critical theory, horizons of experience, possible experience, empirical knowledge, sythetic a priori judgments, feminist critical theory, “the correspondence theory of truth”, object- creation, Dasein, categories of possible experience, the revealing of being, the primacy of politics and the good, “the Socratic turn”, hypothetical formation, falsifiablity, evolution, brain cortexes, brain hemispheres, language games, regulative principles, complex intuitions, clear and distinct ideas, paradigms… etc.

What do all of these things have in common?


because all presuppose the principle of contradiction.


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