The Unity of The World

The Unity of The World in Time

Chronology is the placing of events on a timeline. This is something we ask five year olds to do, but it used to be a serious science, because there was no universally accepted calendar among the ancients. One city said “this happened under the archonship of Cleosthenes” another would say it happened in the fifth year of the sun (by which they meant a 353 day lunar year) another would say it happened on the ides of Janus, another that it happened in the sixth olympiad. Calculating these dates was a good deal of hard work, and some guess work. A “history of the World” was an unthinkable task. There was no way to correlate enough dates with any accuracy.

Imagine the ancient mind. Everyone’s history was a self contained universe. With us, the dates of many people can be “lined up”, and we can do this without a thought. We have reckoned everything in years- all the way back to the big bang. We can relate all events with certainty (in time) even though most have nothing to do with each other. We instictively know that there is one history for all things- that there is a unity among all men.

Think for a moment about the event that made this calendar possible (it’s the year 2004 of what?) That is the cause of the temporal unity of the world. That is the reason we can truly have one history for all men.

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